Pre-sale Questions.

Why do I need video

Video is the most important channel of communication for your brand. Video is immediate, shareable and allows your company to bring new depth to your brand identity for sales, marketing and media coverage. Video is critical for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and pages with video are 50 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google results – when properly optimized.

Do we need professional actors ?

We have worked with a variety of talent under many scenarios.  Professional actors do a great job. They learn their parts. They come across well on the TV screen. In short they have talent. They get a base fee and royalties.  If you decide to have videos with professional actors you will have recurring fees that depend on the actor’s guild affiliation.  The upside is that a good actor will make your company look great!  And remember that using non-professional talent is a risk you may not afford.

Where can we shoot my video?

Your business may be the best place!  Your walk-in would have already seen it.  If time is of the essence you may want to use ready-made sales and marketing video templates.  We can edit, re-brand and customize the video templates to suit your business needs.  If you feel like trying your hand at video editing why not look around this site and see if you find a ready-made video template that meets your needs ?

My spokesperson has never been on camera before…

We can refer you to acting schools that provide comprehensive media training services for people with no experience.  If you’re aiming for a simple talking head introducing your business to a prospective client that may be the way to go.

What if I don’t have a YouTube page?

We can design a YouTube page that matches your brand identity and syncs with your web presence and off line marketing collateral.
Your business is a video star and we have production packages to meet your budget.  A simple slide show video with pictures of your products or services may suffice.  A generic yet targeted white board video is an other option.  Live video is an attention getter. State-of-the art digital effects may add the spark that triggers a potential client’s interest.

Can’t I be in the video ?

Why not?  We have worked with company owners and managers who did excellent video presentations. You may be the best spokesperson and even come up with the perfect sound bite.

Can the video be used to stream on my website?

The high definition video we create can easily be converted for use on the web, mobile or TV.  It’s a great way to get the most out of your marketing dollar.

What are your editorial policies?

Our video production bid includes two editorial changes.

Does it take a long time to get a finished product?

A “talking head” video with a few slide show pictures for a total of up to 5 minutes may have a 48 hrs turnaround.  Please contact us – we’re happy to talk with you and give you a specific timetable based on what you want to accomplish.

How many different ways can I distribute my video?

Our clients stream their videos from their websites, email their video vignettes to prospective clients, embed them on social media sites, and sometimes place them in interactive campus maps. Our video templates allow your videos to be viewed on smart phones, tablets, lap tops or large screen smart TVs.  Do you want DVDs? We work with DVD duplication houses that have prices that meet your budget – It’s the benefit of working with us.